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Me and this tumblr in a nutshell: mid 20s. I like music and alcohol and reading. I like dissecting pop culture in my spare time. I have a degree in English. I'm an INFJ. I love cute animals, specifically cats. I'm a huge fan of equality, sex, and sarcasm. I'm an even bigger fan of love (and a currently unsuccessful polyamorist).

Okay, so that's more than a nutshell, but I'm allergic to nuts, so it's all good.

Alyssa Royse talks about ending sexual shame and why it’s okay to be kinky.

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    This is just so awesome. The message that no one should be afraid of, or ashamed of, what they’re into in the bedroom...
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    This is an incredible video. I love it so much.
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    I APPROVE OF THIS VIDEO sex is like pizza. if you’re ordering a pizza with your friends, you’re gonna say what toppings...
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